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Summer is in full swing: it’s time to enjoy the nice weather!

Whether by the water, in the open country or in the mountains, with family or friends, a picnic is an essential fun-filled moment that allows you to get away from it all… and why not, to break your eating habits!

Surprising or gourmet recipes, fresh homemade drinks, personalised games… To make the magic happen, even in a park just around the corner, discover a non-exhaustive selection of tips and tricks to make sure your picnics are always a success!

Prepare your best picnic recipe!

Sandwiches made in a hurry, last-minute salads and an almost-forgotten water bottle… When preparing a picnic, we sometimes tend to keep things simple.

However, being original and leaving aside the usual ham sandwich can be much more satisfying! You too can reinvent the contents of your picnic basket: salad, sandwich, cold soup or original drink… the possibilities for an unforgettable menu are endless.

At Pink Lady®, we have chosen a surprising recipe for tabbouleh made with apples, quinoa and coriander which will make your taste buds tingle! You may also discover our recipe for a savoury babka loaf with Pink Lady® apples, then finish on a sweet note with our Pink Lady® apple energy bars! Healthy, tasty recipes that will easily fit into your picnic basket.

Make an original and refreshing drink

How about refreshments? Water, fruit (especially Pink Lady® apples), a few aromatic herbs and a good dose of imagination will enable you to make delicious, original drinks to be enjoyed without moderation. Lemonade, iced tea, homemade juices… Over to you!

Pink Lady® tip: avoid drinks made with sparkling water. As well as losing their bubbles quickly under the effect of heat, they attract insects around the food. Instead, try the Pink Lady® apple mocktail! An original and refreshing drink that the whole family will enjoy.

Prepare original games

Picnics are not only a time for eating, they are also a time for entertainment! So, for your outdoor lunch, remember to prepare a few activities! Card games or fun football matches are, of course, must-dos, but why not be a little more inventive and try new games?

At Pink Lady®, we particularly like “Guess what you’re eating”. Simple and a lot of fun to do, the idea is to blindfold the guests before preparing food-filled plates. The aim of the game? To let them guess what has just landed in their mouths. Of course, it’s more fun to do this with slightly elaborate dishes. Fun and laughter guaranteed! And for the more do-it-yourselfers out there, make your own throwing game: coconut shy, Finnish skittles… Unleash your inner creativity!