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It’s not easy to keep practicing sports on a regular basis when having to take care of a child. Since your little one arrived, your whole lifestyle has been turned upside down. But you could see this as a new way to experience sports ! There are many family-oriented sports activities, and you are bound to find one that suits you.

In addition to acting as an outlet for adults, sports stimulate muscle development in children, improve their sense of coordination and prevent obesity. Furthermore, sports help boost concentration, self-confidence, autonomy and mental balance, as well as learn rules.

But it is not easy to find an activity in which both parents and children find pleasure, and that is intense enough for everyone to benefit from it. Your child’s age, your own, their size, growth, morphology, and so on, must be taken into account. All these points mustn’t be overlooked when making a decision.

Discover 3 sports that you can practice with your child, at any age and for everyone.

Learn to surpass yourself while having fun, thanks to climbing

It cannot have escaped your notice that children love climbing around. Whenever they can, your little ones turn into monkeys and climb up any wall, tree or base in order to reach for the sky. So why not follow them in their acrobatics by going climbing together ?

At any age, climbing is perfect for the development of motor skills and concentration, and also helps know your own body ! Children can generally start climbing at the age of three. Their motor abilities allow them to move very easily, but they usually don’t climb very high. But that’s not the only thing that counts !

The initial objective is to encourage children to climb. We must therefore provide them with a goal to reach : a toy for example. Then comes the most delicate part : descent. It involves sitting in the harness, moving away from the cliff, and trusting the material.

By practicing climbing with your little angels, you are teaching them to surpass themselves, manage apprehension, take on responsibilities, trust themselves and others, develop their ability to solve difficulties and overcome obstacles, improve their sense of observation and analysis as well as their creativity…

All the while having fun and sharing quality time together, for climbing is always practiced in pairs : an inseparable duo that guarantees maximum safety. There can never be two people on the same climbing route. One person remains on the ground and belays while the other climbs the wall.

Except in the case of technical climbing, known as “bouldering”, which is done without a harness, at low heights.

If you wish to equip your children and get them to discover this activity, you can find equipment that is specially adapted for children.

Have fun exploring with geocaching

Combining sports and treasure hunting is the essence of geocaching, and the perfect combination for family sports. Geocaching is a treasure hunt, for which you must have a GPS (smartphone or hiking GPS) and register on the website (for free).

The “treasures” are represented by different-sized boxes, hidden by other geocachers, at specific coordinates. The goal, as in an orienteering race, is to reach these coordinates using your GPS, before you start looking for the boxes… more or less easily. A typical geocache is made up of a small waterproof and resistant container that comprises a record of visits and sometimes one or more “treasures”, generally worthless trinkets.

The main advantage of this discipline is that there is such a diversity of caches, difficulty levels, puzzles, areas to explore, that it is up to you to compose your own adventure. A real asset to maintain your child’s interest.

You can choose the day, time of day, place, and type of terrain (hiking in the mountains or in the countryside), discover urban routes, new cities, old monuments or even unexpected landscapes… And, most of the time, a stone’s throw from your home.

Discover the benefits of yoga for children

The benefits of yoga are numerous and well-known. It is often practiced by parents, but this moment for relaxation and exercise can also be enjoyed by children.

Psychologically speaking, its practice allows them to find calm, serenity, self-esteem and to learn to let go. For this reason, parents of anxious children who have difficulty falling asleep or concentrating are advised to take their child to yoga classes. In addition, physically speaking, yoga exercises improve flexibility and help children discover their body in order to be in harmony with it.
No lotus or sun salutation for our little ones…

Child-friendly yoga exercises are fun. They are generally based on animal postures (cat, upside-down dog…), breathing and floor-based relaxation.
To help you understand this activity, it is best to start with a professional trainer, or to use dedicated software.
The Petit Bambou application is a very good alternative for beginners.
To follow a Zen path.