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The sun is refusing to set, temperatures are getting milder, and the desire to relax around pre-dinner drinks is becoming stronger every day. No doubt about it this time, summer is here to stay. The time has come to enjoy lovely evenings with friends!

An opportunity to relax and nibble for some, an excuse to have a drink for others… In any case, an apéritif remains the perfect synonym for a shared moment with friends before dinner. Sometimes it evens lasts a little longer than planned and ends up replacing dinner…

So enough of cheap crisps and frozen canapés! It’s time to be creative. Use your brain and utensils to dazzle your guests’ taste-buds. Pre-dinner drinks lend themselves to all sorts of innovative experiments, both in terms of cooking and decoration.

Find out our 3 tips for successful pre-dinner drinks with friends, in all circumstances

Prepare a unique recipe using Pink Lady® apples

An initial quick recipe, which nevertheless requires a little preparation. Cupboards are almost empty and you don’t feel like going shopping? No problem! Take the last Pink Lady® apples from your fruit basket and pre-heat the oven.

Here’s how to make apple crisps

Without pealing them, cut three apples into thin slices using a mandoline slicer or knife. Dip them individually into the lemon juice. Cover a baking tray with a sheet of baking paper and sprinkle with icing sugar. Display the apple slices next to each other and sprinkle with icing sugar again.
Bake for 1H30. Ta-da, they’re ready!
A recipe you can make if you have a little time.

It’s a hot summer evening, so why not prepare some refreshing appetizers? And what could beat a recipe with delicious Pink Lady® apples? Discover our recipe for spring rolls à la Pink Lady®!
Simple, fresh and light, to everyone’s delight.
To discover the recipe, click here.

Make sure the atmosphere is perfect thanks to our selection of playlists

An essential ingredient for a successful evening: the musical atmosphere. From smooth to sunny melodies, not to mention your favourite nostalgia-filled songs, share your favourite tunes with your guests. Find out our selection of playlists on Spotify for a most pleasant pre-dinner drink session.

To start the evening and entertain your friends with a soft and relaxed atmosphere, here are two compilations that we tested for you.

Beach party by Spotify

Summer Party by Spotify

The temperature is rising and an irresistible desire to dance takes over the evening. You can choose between two compilations to sing and dance to hits that will take you and your friends right back to your youth:

00s Party by Spotify

Throwback Party

To end the evening on a quieter note, here are two reggae-infused playlists:

Reggae Classic by Spotify

Sunshine Reggae by Spotify

Keep the children busy

Who can forget the endless hours of boredom spent at our parents’ dinner table as children? We were a little shy for the first 20 minutes, but beyond that we got fidgety and the evening then seemed endless as we got bored with listening to adults talking about things we couldn’t even understand.

Can you remember that? So now that the roles have been reversed, it’s easier to understand how hard it is for our kids to stay quiet when the party is only starting.
Here are a few tips that work every time to try and get them to join in and have fun.
They can have their own special kids apéritif, you can set up a game of (Velcro) darts in the garden, or even bring out a good old board game to keep them entertained a little longer (snakes and ladders or ludo, for example).
If you don’t want to take too long before dinner, discover our kids place-mats for colouring.