This should redirect to the frontend url, but the redirection has been paused for now. 3 tips for welcoming birds into your garden

Goldfinches, great tits, robins… As well as bringing joy to your garden with their songs and beautiful plumage, birds are proper gardeners’ little helpers: they help to regulate the number of insects and contribute to the balance of your vegetable garden.

It is therefore essential to attract birds to your gardens and to welcome them as precious guests. Discover 3 of our tips!

Creating a water point

Birds need to drink, but also to bathe regularly (even in winter) to maintain their plumage. It is therefore essential to create a water point that is entirely dedicated to them. For this purpose, it should be placed out of reach of predators, in an open area, so that the birds can keep an eye on their surroundings. Remember to renew the water regularly so that it is always clean.

Food all year round

To make sure that birds enjoy your garden, you should also provide them with food:

Don’t hesitate to ask your garden centre about native plants that birds might like.

Finally, remember that these animals also feed on insects and larvae. No more chemical treatments in the garden! Instead, think about creating piles of wood, leaves or grass… These are all insect shelters from which birds can feed. Melliferous plants are also perfect for attracting insects.

Providing shelter

Finally, to welcome birds into your garden, think about offering them shelter. They need shelter to nest and breed. If your garden is planted with trees or surrounded by hedges, our little feathered friends will be happy.

If you are in a more urban area, you may use artificial nest boxes. However, make sure that you choose a shelter that is suitable for the size of the birds that come and visit you. Also, make sure that it is resistant to the different weather conditions in your area (snow, wind and rain).

The do-it-yourselfers among you can have a go at creating a homemade nest box, while those who feel less adventurous may go to a garden centre to find the ideal shelter.

Pink Lady® supports the LPO (French League for the Protection of Birds)

SoPink Lady® is concerned about animal welfare and favourable to the development of sustainable agriculture in orchards, and is committed to supporting the LPO.

The aim of this partnership is to implement best practices to welcome and respect the natural habitat of birds in our orchards.