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Making your home a safe haven is a guarantee of relaxing and pleasant evenings to come, for the benefit of all the family. Decorating your house, carefully choosing colours and deliberately organising rooms may be a first step towards finding peace of mind.

But one element will ensure absolute well-being within your cocoon : nature.
Plants, flowers, potpourri, fountains… Introducing naturalness into your home will have a positive influence on your stress level. And therefore on your well-being, and above all, your health !
Explore our suggestions as to how to simply bring the outdoors into your home :

Add houseplants

From the living-room to the hallway, and even the bathroom, the bedroom or the top of a wardrobe, plants bring life to your house. These living organisms offer the enjoyable show of their evolving leaves or stems throughout the year.

Besides adding a touch of life to your decoration, plants also purify the air inside your house. Certain plants are actually more suited to specific parts of the house. Whether your home is dark or bright, spacious or small, you should choose your plants carefully and arrange them well so that they may do their job properly.

For instance, should you wish to brighten your living-room, opt for a tall leafy plant, such as the schefflera. Easy to find and very simple to take care of, it only requires indirect light and little water.

To separate the kitchen and dining areas, you might be tempted by a Bird of Paradise plant. Thanks to its large, impressive leaves and colourful flowers, it will act as a natural wall.
You may want to adorn the kitchen area with all sorts of aromatic herbs. You can’t beat fresh herbs when seeking to embellish a room and to cook using fresh produce.

Give someone a gardening box

Sometimes, a balcony is all you need to grow plants. But you might not know where to start looking for the ideal plant, let alone even think about doing so, or have the patience for it.
If you don’t know how to choose or take care of them, opt to receive or send the monthly boxes. Besides providing plants that are best suited to your home, you will benefit from professional tips !

Personalize your house with memories of the great outdoors

Children may also have their say when it comes to choosing the decoration. So why not take it a step further and encourage them to participate actively in decorating the house ?

Remember that on your walks in nature, your little ones love picking flowers and leaves. So to combine pleasure and learning, nature awareness and decorating, try creating a herbarium with the children. Once it is done, frame its most beautiful pages and display them throughout the house.

Are you an amateur photographer ? Why not personalize your interior design with precious memories of moments in the great outdoors ? The sea, mountains, rivers, forests… Your best shots will give character to your house while reminding you of good times.