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Water is an essential element for our bodies, as it helps to get rid of toxins and maintain body temperature.

Although we should all consume 2 litres of water a day to be healthy, we tend to forget this and only drink when we feel thirsty. Here are a few tips on how to stay well hydrated throughout the day!

Add flavour to your water

Some of us find water too tasteless, so we drink little or none. Herbs, spices, fruits… To regain the pleasure of drinking water, you can easily add flavour to your drink without turning to sodas and other cordials, which are often high in sugar.

At Pink Lady®, we are particularly fond of this apple and hibiscus detox water recipe. Let your imagination run wild!

Eat fruit and vegetables!

Did you know that fruit and vegetables are filled with water and will add much more flavour to your life than a glass of water? Pink Lady® apples (which contain around 80% water) naturally come to mind, but many other types of fruit are also concerned:

Do you prefer savoury food to sweet food? No worries! When it comes to hydration, vegetables are not to be outdone:

Pink Lady® tip: eating raw vegetables promotes hydration, as cooking them lowers their water content.

Always have water to hand

Whether it’s at work, during a sports session or while reading on the couch, when we’re caught up in an activity, we often forget to drink. So, if you want to remember to stay hydrated, why not get a reusable water bottle and keep it close at hand?

The benefit of reusable water bottles: they are often made of stainless steel, and are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

Create rituals

Drink 1, 2 or 3 glasses… When you get up, go to bed or at work, each person has their own method! But to make sure you’re well hydrated, why not set up rituals throughout the day? This is an effective technique for avoiding dehydration-related fatigue… Especially in the middle of summer!

If you are not naturally inclined to drink water, here is a little programme you can try and follow to keep your body in shape: